Postpartum in Men?

Postpartum in Men?

Men may not experience childbirth or need physical recovery but the birth of a new child is a major life experience.

What even is postpartum depression?

Postpartum depression is depression that takes place after the arrival of a tiny new human. Though woman typically experience PPD, men can also experience it.

After Birth, mom is usually screened by her doctor for postpartum depression men, however, are not. Not only that, but men usually underreport any signs or feelings of depression. This results in non-diagnosed and non-treated illness.

Let's dig a little deeper

Based on the research, men are the least interested in seeking mental health services due to the stigma circulating mental health. In America, men die by suicide at nearly four times the rate of women. It's easy to think that women suffer from mental illness more often than men, but based on the numbers that is not true.
This makes you wonder why men aren't included in any screening process during the fourth trimester like the mother is. After all, each parent experiences a major life event when a new human enters their world.

But it's not all bad news! As we become more educated, there is a rise in the number of men who have sought mental help. Men who have received help between 2002-2020 showed to be an estimated 11.3% increase. Let's go self-care!

So don't forget to check in!

Talk to your partner. Understand that yes, we as women experience so much, both mentally and physically, and our partners carry a heavy load as well. Considering both party's mental health can create the best environment for a new little bundle of joy.
If you or someone you know feel as though you may need to seek help throughout your #postpartum journey, please don’t hesitate to contact the options below:

Kahdejah E. Stevans: Mental Health Coach

Servicing the State of Texas
Daphane JOY Harris: Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist


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