"This body has created and nourished an entire human being. It is amazing, beautiful, and worthy of love."


    CEO & Founder

    Lauren stemmed the idea of informing both new and experienced mothers of the issues we may face during the postpartum period based off of her own experiences.

    We as women face so many Postpartum issues pertaining to our bodies, our minds, and so much more. With the Fourth Trimester being such an important stage of pregnancy why don't we highlight it more? We are often flooded with information when bringing a beautiful baby girl, or spunky little boy into the world.

    However, we are never enlightened of that big bang of the fourth trimester. Why isn't this part of childbirth such a bigger deal?

    Motherhood made simpler.

    We set out to create a brand just for you mommas. We understand the toll giving birth can take on both our bodies and our mental health. Let us cater to you.

    • "I was pregnant with my second child, preparing for a new baby all over again. This time around I was way more prepared than with my first born. I had written out a birth plan; one for every scenario in fact. I had began my registry in my first trimester as oppose to my third like before, however, this time I included myself too. In my first pregnancy I did everything I could to prepare my world for a new little life,

    • one that I would be in charge of. In that time I never thought to prepare myself, my mind, my body for the after effects. I didn’t understand the toll pregnancy took on the body both physically and mentally, no one prepared me. I knew this time would be different, I just thought I’d share my journey along the way, and that's why I started AfterBirthco.com."

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