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    Platinum Mom Box

    Platinum Mom Box

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    The COMPLETE package!

    Our Platinum Box is great for those mommas in recovery and who are looking to increase their milk supply! Incudes our Lactation Tea; a mixture of different herbs that help to promote mother's milk production. Our main ingredients come from Bulgaria in their raw and natural form giving you the best results. It provides the best relief for your Postpartum journey. Includes Perineal Soothing Pads and Perineal Cooling Spray for the best relief "down there". Soothing Nursing Butter for sore and cracked nipples.

    Your choice of any one of our 4 oz Whipped Butters which moistures and helps to improve skin. Hair Growth Serum which helps maintain your full locks, and a Relaxing Herbal Milk Bath Bomb for use 6 weeks postpartum to help relax and maintain your wellbeing. 

    Additional Info

    Nursing Butter

    Our Nursing Butter consist of only 3 ingredients. With minimum product in this formula it allows babies to nurse with no need of washing off.

    Shea Butter:

    Fat that’s been extracted from shea tree nuts used to soften the skin, full of anti-inflammatory and healing properties. Used to condition, tone, and soothe your skin


    Powerful antioxidants which help the skin to regenerate, tighten pores and slow down ageing effects in the skin.


    Heals broken skin, both the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties help to protect your collagen and elastin supply.

    NTWT 1 oz

    For the best results, apply daily on damp skin to allow for better absorption.

    Perineal Cooling Spray

    Our Perineal Cooling Spray is used to soothe your perineal area after each bathroom use. This product is chemical free and enhances the healing process promoting healthy cell function.


    Vitamin C, aloe vera, frankincense, lavender, and peppermint

    Use after every bathroom use. Spray perineal area to heal and regenerate healthy cell function.

    NET WT 3.4 OZ

    Perineal Soothing Pads

    Our Perineal Sooting Pads are rich in Vitamin C which helps to enhance the healing process and adds comfort with their soothing and cooling effect. These Pads are also loaded with pain inhibitors which help with hemorrhoids and protects your perineal area.


    Aloe Vera, Lavender, Witch Hazel

    Use after every bathroom use. Wipe perineal area to soothe, heal and regenerate healthy cell function.

    NET WT 8 OZ

    Hair Growth Serum

    Our hair growth serum is enhanced with powerful new phyto-actives known to inhibit DHT production. Beneficial for all hair types, it promotes thicker and longer hair by moisturizing, and strengthening, increasing blood flow to the scalp and supplying valuable nutrients to hair follicles.

    Ingredients: Castor oil, Black Seed Oil (Nigella sativa), Rosemary, Peppermint Oil, Saw Palmetto, Pumpkin Seed Oil.

    NET WT 2 OZ

    Herbal Bath Tea

    Use for 2 to 3 weeks postpartum, our Relaxing Bath Bombs are full of B Vitamins, Vitamin C, and is rich in antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties,

    Lactation Tea


    Calendula infused grapeseed oil, lavender, Honey, Citric Acid, Salt, Arrowroot

    Use in warm bath for relaxing and healing properties.


    Rich in both iron and calcium, also helps to stimulate milk production


    Known for it's maple syrup aroma, fenugreek helps to lower blood sugar levels, lower inflammation, reduce cholesterol. Fenugreek leaves help appetite control, keep the body hydrated and also increases milk production.

    Red Raspberry Leaf:

    Alleviates symptoms of postpartum depression, increases uterine tone, and aides in milk production.

    Blessed Thistle:

    Stimulates hormones (prolactin and oxytocin). Prolactin boost the milk supply, and oxytocin releases the milk.


    Helps to increase milk volume, aiding in baby weight gain.

    Milk Thistle:

    Stimulates milk production
    Choose from any one of our 4 oz Whipped Butters


    Each product is handcrafted and handmade especially for you!

    After Birth the Mom Box, LLC creates all cruelty free products, using the highest-quality natural ingredients all products are handmande in small batches for best results. Natural Beauty & Wellness products are free of sulfates, phthalates, parabens, petrochemicals, mineral oil, silicone and talc; also free of artificial ingredients, fillers, alcohol and artificial colors

    IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: None of the health topics and products sold and presented at After Birth the Mom Box, LLC  have been evaluated or approved by the FDA. They should not replace personal judgment or medical treatment when indicated, nor are they intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Always talk to your physician about the use of my products.

    We can not be responsible for any allergies or adverse reactions to this product.

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    Bought this for two expecting mother’s as shower gifts. Both loved them & have reallllllly good things to say about their butters. These boxes make great gifts to give a mommy to be!